Monday, January 11, 2010

For now

Jordan still isn't playing fair. He texted me and sent pictures and when I didn't respond he called my work phone. I was in a meeting so I can't even say it was due to will power that I didn't respond. But I'm glad that he "needed" to talk to me. It was cute.

Do I know how his fixing himself is going? Nah, but that's the point right? That he fixes himself not that I fix him for him. But enough about him. Let's get to the good stuff...what I'm doing, because I'm not sitting still. (We'll save the smoops stuff for another blog)

This weekend I'm going to Miami for a long weekend. Since I was born and raised in the Dirty South I'm hoping to meet up with some old friends. My real reason for the trip is to celebrate my step-sister, Kelly's birthday. We haven't hung out in forever. We have to make up for lost times. Then a little birdie told me that two of my friends from Orlando just might be in Miami as well. Who knows what kind of trouble we can stir up. I am going to be seeing my loving family while I'm down there as well. Can't pass up a free meal or a chance to get cut out of the will. Hopefully it's not a winter wonderland like it has been up here. I don't think I can get much paler. It would be nice to know what the sun feels like on my face. I do live in Florida you know. We're supposed to get skin cancer not sweaters.

I know right about now you're pretty jealous and you want my life, right...oh wait it gets better.

For those of you who don't know me, my sister's are my world. I love the stuffing out of them. For some reason they are all born within weeks of each other.

So my next adventure takes me to Johnson City, TN. I know, that's SOOOO much cooler then Miami. Well Momma Dukes and Daddykins bought me a plane ticket to come home for Vicki's birthday. Vic is the baby and probably the most eclectic of my five sisters. Also she is the most like me out of everyone, even though she is the most unique. In short she kicks ass and we're gonna party because it's her 17th birthday and we can. This will be a lot of partying without alcohol. Interesting.

In February I go to Atlanta. Katie Mate is going to the very prestigious all girls school, Agnes Scott. It's Katie's first birthday away from home so I'm coming up so we can live it up! Atlanta is an awesome city and Katie needs a little corruption in her life. Thank God she has such a great big sister to show her exactly what college life is all about. Boys and Booze. Just kidding mom, I'm we're going to go to the museum of natural history.

Ashli's birthday is March first but like me you never really know where Ashli is going to be weekend to weekend. If she does decided to have a birthday in Miami I'll probably be back down there again. I mean really who can spend too much time visiting Miami. It will be bathing suit weather for sure by then and South Beach has been missing me, I just know it.

Two weeks later Momma Dukes and Daddykins will be bring Katie and Vicki to Orlando for spring break. That means shopping, theme parks, and free dinners. Bring it!

Now before all this Jordan soul searching and fixing and what-not I invited him down here during that time for his birthday. The invitation is still open so we'll see what happens there. Guess you're going to have to keep reading these blogs till March.

Mid-March is my favorite time of the year because of St Patrick's Day. A day to get wasted, pinch people, and make out. It's like Christmas for Alcoholics. This year I'm putting together a St. Patty's Day pub crawl. I want to start a pub crawl tradition. With support from people like you, we can make this happen.

So as you can see I have a good line up from here to about mid-March...then my calender gets really empty. No bueno. It's really not a problem. That's about the time when Sunday Fun Days start up again. That's when we go to the beach every Sunday like good Floridians. I also need to work on finding friends who own a boat. Note to self.

That's all I've got for now. I hear my Marketing homework calling me. School is for suckers. Don't do it.

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