Friday, January 8, 2010

6 Months

Every end has a new beginning right? Didn't someone famous say that, or a fortune cookie?

So this is how it ended:

Everything on my body was still minus my fingers that were furiously texting away on my iPhone. It sounded like I was texting a novel. In actuality it was more of a monologue.
"So let me do this. I'll try it again. I'll leave you alone."
"I'll call sometime later"
"Take your space"
"Fill it with you"
"I'll be waiting till July"
"Don't doubt me"
"Good bye my love"

And that's how it ended.

Now what? Eat a tub of ice cream and watch when Harry Met Sally? Fuck no. It's 2010, get a blog.

Let me clear up a few things. First off I live in beautiful Orlando, Florida were as my receiver of text messages lives in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. We have dated off and on for two years now. I recently just moved back to the Sunshine state from Illinois. If you know anything about Illinois you know there is no sun or any sort of heat for 6 months. I moved back to Florida to improve on my quality of life aka my tan. Jordan (again the receiver of the text messages) was on track to move down as well. Like all couples we have our problems. Jordan has unfinished business that will not allow him to move down here till July. Um, no he's not in jail. Are you mad? Let's get back on track. Like I said before we each come with a little bit of baggage. I moved to Florida to relieve myself of my Samsonite. I'm down to a travel pack you would say. Now Jordan, he's getting his ducks in a row. He has a lot to think about and a lot to accomplish in between now and July. Which brings me to my texts.

I'm giving Jordan 6 months to do whatever it is he needs to do. Which in short means I have cut off talking to him for 6 months. If you look back at my text it doesn't really say when I'll be calling. He probably thinks I'll break down and do it on Monday. But I've committed to this. Now he may call, e-mail, and/or text me. At that point everything is fair game. But until then I am being respectful and giving him his space.

He has two requests from me:
1)If he realizes at any point that this is not what he wants he needs to inform me immediately! Like I'm just going to sit around while someone else doesn't give a flying fuck about me.

2) If I call or text him that I need him he needs to respond back to me with in a reasonable amount of time. Such as 45 seconds. No, I'm just kidding. With in an hour or so. Don't get my text at 10 in the morning and return my call at 6 when you're driving home from work.

So those are the rules.

Guess you're wondering what next? Yeah, me too. When I realized exactly what I had agreed to by giving Jordan space I freaked out a little. I had let go of the little bit of control I had over our relationship. Being the perfectionist control freak that I am I needed to find an outlet.One that didn't involve my ass blowing up or anything a pee test could detect.

So for the next 6 months I will be blogging about my adventures and misadventures until I talk to Jordan on July 8th, 2010.

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