Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's hard to just sit still...

So I've noticed it's hard for people to sit still. Case in point. Everyone just needs to lend a helping hand, don't they? Someone always has the right way to "do it". They have the answer that's going to "fix it." Here let me tell you how to do it. I love hearing the, "well have you thought about such and such situation?" Oh no I haven't because I'm a moron and you raised me to be stupid. Oh I love this one, "you really need to do this because that's what I did." Oh yeah? Last time I checked I though your life sucked and you never met your true potential.

When someone asks me a question and I give an answer it's hardly ever followed with, "oh was that what you would do?" No. I live my life, mistakes and all, the way I think I should live it. Lots of good things came from mistakes. Velcro, America, ice cream cones, silly puddy, Samantha Law, just to name a few things that would make our lives a little harder to live without.

I'm not saying I never ask for advice. I know my life is not perfect in most people's eyes but to me I wouldn't trade it for your minivan and soccer practice. I hear 30 is the new 20. So I guess I'm 18. Does that mean I'm just starting womanhood? No that's ridiculous. I've done more, loved more, moved more then most women twice my age. I can't be starting womanhood. I also know I'm not ready for motherhood (by choice not by insecurity) I know I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up. But maybe I'm supposed to have many short periods (years) of working with companies verses decades. But right now everything feels perfect. (My therapist says not to use that word) I should say everything feels right in it's place. Now if I could just get a day off with clear skies to go to the beach I'd be Kosher!

Let's just say for the most part I know what I want and what I don't want. But I still don't understand how people who don't have what I do want are telling me how I'm going to get it. If I want to be a billionaire should I be talking to someone who's making 40K a year? If I want to raise a good kid should I be talking to someone who just has toddlers? No that's ridiculous.  Now that doesn't mean they won't end up being billionaires or great parents. I'm just saying, let's get some expert opinions. Not yours. Just kidding, you probably don't tell me how to live my life or how to fold my towels. I would assume those closest to your are the ones telling you how to live yours. I surely can't be the only on who's getting told what to do? Just me and five year olds huh? Guess I need to find a good Chuck E Cheese to hang out at. Good bye Casey's on Central, Hello Chuck E Cheese in Waterford Lakes.