Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeah I know I'm supposed to be doing my homework but....

...Microsoft Office needed reh-tard updates so I have a few moments and I have to tell you about the most random thought of my day. This is gonna get dirty people. Daddy I know you read this, you may want to stop. So I'm at work, I know you guys are excited already. Despite the fact that my job oh so exciting, from time to time I let my mind wonder. I have always preferred the word wonder over spaced out. Great scientist and explorers let their minds wonder. When someone walks into a table they just spaced out. So needless to say this thought is on the same leave as Galileo and Aristotle. Actually more like Freud. So the hot topic is threesomes. Yeah I said. Now if you ask any straight man if he wants to have a threesome his response is usually very favorable. Until you bring up the fact that there will be two men and one woman. Suddenly the response is not so favorable. I've heard things such as, "only one penis per dream" or "what? Do you think I'm gay?". Now riddle me this Batman: if a man and two women are in a threesome why aren't the women considered gay? And if you're in a relationship, isn't it technically cheating? I myself have no knowledge of this because I'm a virgin. Been that way for years. But this brings me to my last thought and most insightful. Two girls/one guy-threesome. Two guys/one girl- now that's a gang bang. Right? Then I went back to work.

Please, as always feel free to comment. I must reboot my computer. Ewww get your mind out of the gutter.

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