Monday, February 15, 2010

She fills my soul

There's a hole in my soul and she fills it. I didn't know about this hole. It was so small. As I grew it got bigger. It's like she took her tiny finger and stretched it out. When she's gone too long it aches. But when she's near, it's like the smell of fresh baked cookies. She's irresistible. Her heart is so pure but maybe I'm blind. When she hurts I hurt. And when she laughs I cry. She dances when she's alone. She sings when everyone is around. She lives in her own world, but she's become my world. Am I selfish living off of her love and beauty? Am I wrong for wanting her essence to embody me too? When I wished for her did I know our bond would be this strong? Did I know that she would become the teacher and I the student? I see her innocence leaving as she grows in the woman she's meant to be. I watch her and it's like looking into a mirror. She's so confident. She's so smug. She knows how this game ends and where you need to put your pieces. Next thing you know she's telling you your move. But still she fills my soul.

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