Friday, June 18, 2010

The Dance

(I wrote this a while back and never posted it. I cleaned it up a bit. Hope you like.)

I notice you. You've noticed me. We've begun our dance. This one has been slower then other dances I've danced. It's not our intention. The DJ is controlling the music and we can either get off the dance floor and wait till a faster song comes on or keep slow dancing. We keep slow dancing. Neither one of us wants to break from the others arms.  We don't get off the dance floor. There are too many distractions that could keep us from coming back when the tempo picks up. So we continue to slow dance. Why is it easier to let go of yourself  when the music is louder and fast? The slow speed allows us to look at each other feel the closeness between us. It allows us to really see the person in front of us. So why do we want to blur the image we see with noise and fast movements?

Its comforting that you can slow dance well. You already know how to hold me softly and lead me around the floor without force or confusion. Will this song ever end? We've been chit-chatting our way through it. I notice how amazing your eyes are and how they stare into mine when I'm rambling on about something. You're smiling but I don't know why. Is there something in my teeth? Please could they have made a longer version of this song? Why do I always want to dance fast? In the beginning it's all about speed and excitement. Keep going faster so you can't see the dullness in each other. I look away. You look away. It's almost painful to be so close and going so slow. I feel embarrassed as if I was looking at something forbidden. I guess I am. I'm looking right at your soul.

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